INDIAN FIG WAS USED BY CYPHOMANDRA betacea, seeds can be stored as food, jam, Fruits, vegetable. It resist the infection and fight cancer, lycopen, aplytochemical in tomatoes. It lowers H.P and is against acute appending cities and digestive disorder. Key nutrients are calcium, manganese, vitamin C, K, E, B3 and BT. Panthothenic acid, fiber, folate, lipid, amino acids, phytochemical, alpha, lipic,  beta-carotene beta sitosteros, caffeic acid, curcumin, myristic acid naringenin,pectin, ferulae, rutin, stingmasterols and chlorogenic acids

How to use it
the nectar can be used to make margarita syrup, jams and jellies, sorbet and other foods.”My freezers are always overflowing with desert foods,” Groen says. “I always can my juice and the meatier juice that I lovingly call ‘sludge.’ The sludge is what I make my barbecue sauce from. I bring the juice to a boil, put it in jars, put the lids on and put it in a boiling water bath and boil it for 10 minutes. The sludge, I bring to a boil, can and put lids on, and put it in boiling water bath for 20 minutes.”Having an abundance of juice inspired Stewart to get creative.”Last summer I had tons, and I used it for food coloring in ice cubes. I filled a heart-shaped pan with the water colored with prickly-pear juice and froze it. Later my daughter swam in the bath tub with a big, beautiful heart ice cube. “Wolterbeek likes to freeze his juice so he can treat guests to an Arizona specialty.”Pick enough pears to make a gallon or two of juice and you’ll have plenty to experiment with,” he said.”The juice is great by itself, as a mixer with smoothies or margaritas, or simply added to your morning glass of OJ.”And if you have enough extra prickly-pear fruit juice, you can simmer it down to condensed syrup, which makes a killer base for barbecue sauce. “It freezes well, too, so juice a couple gallons – pour a few quarts into recycled plastic bottles – and freeze them to thaw and share this winter when those out-of-state relatives come visit to escape the snow and cold of their hometowns.”



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