Found on Egypt tombs, Israelites appreciated this fruits Greeks regards it as the symbol of love and fertility. It is a beautiful tree and spread the world the firsts Rome, Arab, European, Spanish, American, and the whole world. It has been used to treat halitosis, sore throats hemorrhoids, and intestinal worms, Diarrhea, Fever the peal contain 30% tannin which is Astringent substance part eaten and are high in fiber KEY NUTIENTS: Calcium.

The pomegranate tree is useful in many ways and almost every part is useful in one way or other. The bark of the branches and decoction of the roots which contain an alkaloid pellatrierine and tannic acid is a highly useful medicine to get rid of helminthes, the intestinal parasite worms in the human intestine. This decoction is reported to be effective also in the treatment of tuberculosis. It is also employed in the control of dysentery and diarrhea. Pomegranate seeds are rich in oil, which have hormone producing effects and stimulate estrogen hormone. It is also used to prepare cosmetics and moisturizing body lotion.Powder prepared from rind is used as a tooth powder and also as medicine a cosmetic industries. Rind powder is excellent source of beta-carotene, potassium, phosphorous and calcium. The powder contains 16.5% polyphenols and 5.35% mineral matter. Decoction of the flowers is used to relieve oral and throat inflammation. Pomegranate fruit juice makes an excellent drink which contains potassium, phosphorous and calcium as well as micronutrients like iron, manganese, zinc and copper. The juice stimulates appetite and is used in treatment of stomach disorders. It is a good painkiller. The fruit juice is beneficial for dry coughs, provides relief in urinary disorders and can be used to wash wounds and ulcers. It is well known as an excellent treatment for anemia. Pomegranate fruit has a high content of riboflavin, the B2 vitamin that normalizes the nervous system and is used against radiation sickness.

Medicinal properties: Pomegranate is a poly-vitamin, a unique fruit plant producing a wide spectrum of biologically active substances especially important in our present-day polluted environment. It helps in preventing the harmful effects of radioactive substances by producing biologically active substances. Russians, after the deadly Chernobyl tragedy, used pomegranates to reduce the effect of radioactive substances. In order to maintain the health and energy levels of astronomers, submariners and coal miners, they often consume pomegranate juice regularly.Pomegranate is loaded with tannins, anthocyanins, polyphenolics and antioxidant vitamins, A, E and C, all of which have a health effect on the body. These elements work together to benefit the arteries, plus it keeps the cardiovascular system healthy which is the chief health benefit of Pomogranate. It has also been found to increase levels of nitric oxide, which improve blood flow to the heart, reduce arterial plaque, reduce systolic blood pressure and help in curing erectile dysfunction.Other benefits include preventing premature aging, stroke, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. ,. Engino, jaw bone, mouth wash, okukuka amino, tonsil white vaginal flow vaginal cleaning or irrigation


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